Interconnected Healthcare System

OneCare offers a fully integrated suite of Health IT products. Empowering the transformation of healthcare system.



Integrated eHealth Solution for Your Practice

Comprehensive technology platform for medical practice.

Electronic Health Records

All-in-one cloud based medical platform with simplified and customizable workflow.


Meaningfully engage with your patients anywhere, anytime.

Practice Management

Allows you to solve complex billing challenges. Offers streamlined work process.

Patient Engagement

Improve patient care and experience with OneCare patient engagement tools and services.

Revenue Cycle Management

Customizable RCM solution. Improve financial performance and address rising practice costs.

One Patient One Record, Anytime Anywhere

OneCare provides individuals with a secure and private lifetime record of their health history and care within the health system.

Next Generation Electronic Health Records

OneCare Offers complete digital patient Records through connected healthcare systems. Intuitive clinical workflows that make healthcare easier. A fully integrated single shared Electronic Health Records, available in real-time, and for all levels of healthcare from primary care to tertiary care, maternity care, and specialist care.

Integrated Telemedicine

Meaningfully engage your patients over a HIPAA-compliant video call. Integrated workflow that is easy for providers and patients to use.

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Industry Insights

We have selected a few industry insights to help you improve healthcare delivery.


Understanding EMR vs. EHR. Electronic Health Records (EHR) – The Global System.


Benefits for Providers and Patients. Future of Telemedicine.

EHR implementation in Africa

Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis of an EHR implementation in Africa