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ROI Analysis of an EHR implementation in Africa

Benefits of Choosing the right EHR Partner: Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis of an EHR implementation in Africa

EHR Implementation in Africa

Electronic Health Records (EHR) assist administrators, physicians, nurses, researchers to provide an integrated and complete view about patient conditions. The aim of EHR is to improve quality of medical care, enhance treatment processes, increase patient safety and encourage health literacy among patients.

Challenges of Implementing the right EHR for your practice

Implementation of EHR system in health sector in Africa is very slow due to some implementation challenges

Some challenges of implementing EHR in Africa include:

Business and Operational Impacts of implementing EHR

The Six Phases of Electronic Health Records Implementation


EHR Assessment/Analysis. Complete Business Proposal. Complete a cost/benefit analysis and ROI for the EHR system.


Draft EHR system implementation plan and timetable. Assign data manager/administrator. Data recovery and security plans. Assure modules completed and tested for: Practice. Management System, Laboratory, Other (Equipment, Radiology, Referrals). Determine a “go-live” date. Train staff. Celebrate success and address problems.


List clinic goals and priorities (include functions and specific provider needs). EHR system functions and feature. Measurable EHR goals. Develop a timeline and project plan. Vendor Selection Financing options. Compose EHR implementation team.


Conduct post go-live reviews of implementation. Conduct additional staff training as needed. Evaluate EHR system goals met to date. Verify vendor has provided technical infrastructure to capture clinical measures for quality reporting. Run sample population-based quality reports.


Schedule structured demonstrations. Evaluate vendors and create short list of 2–3 vendors. Run vendors through experience. Negotiate contracts including all aspects of implementation, training, and technical support.


Commit to continuous review of clinical and administrative processes Systematically increase the number of EHR functions used by providers and staff. Identify and target additional care management and process improvement opportunities Use EHR to optimize practice of evidence-based medicine Participate in user groups Continue creating quality reports

What to Expect from the right EHR partner and EHR solution

Selecting the right EHR partner can be a daunting task, and having a successful EHR implementation is also challenging. However, you need the right EHR partner and solution to achieve all the benefits that a next generation EHR can offer. The best partnership with EHR vendor will offer:

  • A customizable EHR software solution
  • An interconnected interoperable EHR
  • A collaborative effort in assessing your organization’s need and customizing the EHR solution to address the identified gaps and problems.